• "All I Want for Christmas" - James W. Moore

 - Opening the gifts of God's Grace -

  • "Awaiting the Already" - Magrey R. deVega  ISBN 978-1-5018-0089-4

- A journey through the gospels for Advent.  -

  • "Not A Silent Night" - Adam Hamilton  ISBN  978-1-4267-7184-2

- Mary looks back to Bethlehem -

  • "A Different Kind of Christmas" - Mike Slaughter ISBN  978-1-4267-5360-2

 - Devotional readings to pull you and your family to a closer fellowship with God -

  • "The Gift of the Nutcracker" - Matt Rawle  ISBN  978-1-5018-6942-6

- Using the story of the Nutcracker to give a new look at faith

  • "Setting the Christmas Stage"  John Indermark  ISBN 0-8358-0947-1

- Looking at the Christmas story as a dramatic and familiar pageant that reminds us of Christmas past and present allowing us to find the rest we need at this time of year -

  • "Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam"  James W. Moore  ISBN 978-1-426-76082-2

- How Christ breaks into our confusion and brings Christmas -

  • "Christmas Gifts that Won't Break" - James W. Moore  ISBN  978-1-4267-0805-3

- Reflecting on the unbreakabe gifts God has given us - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace -

  • "What Do You Want for Christmas?"  James W. Moore  ISBN 978-0-687-65064-4

- Does your heart really long for the gifts the Christ child brings; the type gifts money cannot buy? -

  • "The Characters of Christmas" - Daniel Darling  ISBN-13 978-0-8024-1929-3

              - The unlikely peiple caught Up in the Story of Jesus

  • "The Journey - Walking the Road to Bethlehem"  Adam Hamilton  ISBN  978-1-4267-1425-2

- A walk through what happened when God touched this planet through Jesus birth -



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