Inspirational / Instructional Books
  • "Introducing Christian Ethics" - Scott B. Rae  ISBN 978-0-310-52118-1

     - A guide for making intelligent and informed ethical decisions and moral choices -

  • "Unshakeable Hope" - Max Lucado  ISBN 978-0-7180-9614-4

  - A look at some of the promises of God and how we can build our lives on these promises -

  • "Answers to your Questions about Heaven" - David Jeremiah  ISBN  978-1-4964-0212-7

- Jeremiah provides Biblically based answers to most pressing questions about heaven, angels, eternity and more -

  • "When Bad Things Happen to Good People"  Harold S. Kushner  ISBN  1-4000-3472-8

 - Why do bad things seem to happen to good people.  Kushner provides clear thinking and consolation in times of sorrow -

  • "Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White" - Adam Hamilton  ISBN 978-0-687-64969-3

- Thoughts on religion, morality, and politics -

  • "Do Your Best and Trust God for the Rest"  James Moore  ISBN 978-1-4267-7186-6

 - Moore brings the fact that you don't have to be perfect just faithful and then let God take it from there -

  • "Pray the Price"  - Dr. Terry Teykl  ISBN 1-57892-041-8

- Teykl is calling people to have a dynamic and radical dependence on God -

  • "God was Here & I was Out to Lunch"  James W. Moore  ISBN 978-0-987-09722-7

- Moore brings that fact that we are too busy when God comes near to us -

  • "Faith Is the Answer But What Are the Questions?"  James Moore  ISBN 978-0-687-64673-9

- Answering the tough questions regardin how faith strengthens us when suffering or tradgedy explodes in our lives -

  • "Becasue of Bethlehem"  Max Lucado  ISBN  978-0-8499-4759-9

- God knows what it is like to be human, he understands and because of Bethlehem we have a Savior in heaven -

  • "9/11 - What a Difference a Day Makes: Ten Years Later"  James W. Moore  ISBN 978-1-4267-4126-5

- Moore gives voice to our feelings on the passage of time with words of encouragment and inspiriation -

  • "The Wide Open Spaces of God"  Beth Booram  ISBN 978-0-687-49096-7

- Booram helps us to identify the landscapes of our lives, periods when our spiritual surroundings sift and we find ourselves realting to God. -

  • "What's So Amazing About Grace?"  - Philip Yancey  ISBN 978-0-310-24565-0

- Do we understand what Grace is?  Do we truly believe in it and do our lives proclaim it as powerfully as our words?

  • "A Heart Ablaze" - John Bevere  ISBN 978-0-7852-6990-8

 - Igniting a passion for God; building a stronger relationship with God.

  • "More Tan Ordinary" - Doug Sherman  ISBN 978-1-61521-616-1

 - Experience more of the joy and abundance Jesus promises.  Transform your approach to daily life and enter into a deeper conversation with God.

  • "Psalm 91" - Peggy Joyce Ruth 

 - Finding protection from your greatest fears.







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